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Living On A Blog is a lifestyle blog where you will find healing for your body, your mind, your spirit and of course your pocketbook. It is also where you will find articles and posts about life. 

Our focus is on helping you create the life you desire through coaching, education, training, videos, and

career help but you will also find some beauty and fashion tips, all things health-related, business opportunities, blogging help, family and love relationships, parenting and so much more. 

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom (or dad) or a corporate guru, everyone needs help with at least one area of their lives.

We will provide you with some level of life assistance or just some well-deserved encouragement. But most importantly, we’ll give you the inspiration to achieve all that you desire, need or want from life.

Is It All About Money?

No, it isn’t….life is so much more than money. But it is about creation. Creating abundance in all areas in all areas of your life is what we teach. 

But, let’s be realistic….we all want more money.

Here you’ll find information about making money, changing careers, working from home, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

We throw in some craft projects, recipes, entertainment, decorating, DIY and pet talk just to add some fun and some articles to provoke your emotions or curiosity. We really are a lifestyle blog meaning we have something for every lifestyle. 

All the blogging advice I have ever received is to choose a niche so I did.

I choose life.

Life is a varied and wonderful thing but it is different for everyone and everyone has different interests.

We want to appeal to everyone on any given day. We want to offer something for everyone.

So I thank you for joining us and we really hope you find some useful information. If not, drop us a note and tell us what you’d like to see more about.

Please feel free to reach out to us. We welcome your questions, comments, and contributions.

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