Love Your Cat, Hate Litter Box

Love Your Cat, Hate Litter Box

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Wow…do I have some great news to share with you today….

L I T T E R  R O B O T  and you’ll never go back.

We have just become owned by four wonderful, poop a lot, cats at our house.

We love tour cats a ton but hate the litter box two tons.

·        It stinks, no matter what I would do or what wonders were promised by air fresheners and cat litters.

·        The cats always had smelly paws (not fun when they sleep on your head) so foot and butt baths became a daily occurrence sometimes, many times a day.

·        I was scooping poop constantly, using up a truckload of cat litter, cleaning litter off the floor, ugggghhhh….I could go on forever.

Enter Litter The Solution

Then….OH HAPPY DAY……I stumbled upon an internet ad for this amazing machine that promised to end all my litter box woes, enter the L I T T E R   R O B O T. 

I watched the demo video (at the end of this post) and I was instantly in love.  Then I knew I had to have it.

When I got to the order form thus discovering what this wonderful contraption was going to cost us, I changed my mind….OH, SAD DAY…..

Let’s fast forward two weeks and a dump truck load of used kitty litter…..I was ready to do or spend anything to end this misery.

Then I Came Back a Litter Bit Later

I went back to the website and checked it out again, this time hanging on every word as I read through the many positive product reviews.

I ordered the L I T T E R   R O B O T.

It came as promised, right to my door, completely built. I read the instructions through, put the litter in it, plugged it in and have since been in poop-scoopless heaven.

It works exactly as was promised, it empties itself on a timer, I use less than a quarter amount of the clumping cat litter I was using, no smelly paws, no foot baths, no scooping, no smells and my cats loved it immediately.

A Litter Dream Machine

It’s a definite must-have for anyone with more than one cat but I can’t imagine living without it even if I had only one cat.

But if you have more patience than money….you can always toilet train them.

I have spent more money than I care to admit on stupid things but…..

This L I T T E R  R O B O T is worth every penny I spent on it.

It’s now my most prized possession. A must have for all cat owners and now that I own four cats, I’m ready to order my second one.


Note:  This is NOT a paid review.  It is my personal experience.

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