How to Release Your Inhibitions…..

How to Release Your Inhibitions…..

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How to Release Your Inhibitions…

and Your Inner Artist

A release of your inhibitions is possible without being drunk?  Who knew?

My sister and I attended our first Paint Nite I was apprehensive about going.  My artistry skills are…well…..non-existent, to say the least.

I was completely intimidated by the thought of exposing this fact to God, the world, other people and myself.

How could I go there and set myself up for ridicule? The very idea left me feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable. Inhibitions have plagued me my whole life.

Paint Night Rocks

As it turns out, every woman in attendance had the same trepidations as I, but by the time we were halfway into the painting, we all relaxed and allowed the enjoyment to settle through the room.

The class consisted of thirty-five women, whom also had never attended a Paint Nite class and who were not artists either. I relaxed a bit, had a glass of wine and followed the instructions given.

Hello Joy, Goodbye Inhibitions

I completely surprised myself by the level of pure joy I felt by participating.  I quickly realized that every person in attendance felt the same way upon their arrival as I felt. Everyone relaxed very quickly with a little encouraging help from the instructor and the pre-paint toast.  A group toast to us for being there and a promise to not sit in judgement nor criticize our work.

Super Social Outing

Paint Nite is a wonderful way to enjoy a social night out with the ladies and leave with several things, a painting, stress relief, fellowship and a great sense of accomplishment

We weren’t there to compare, criticize or judge.  There is no drunkenness, no gossiping, no fighting and best of all, no competition.  We laughed, we shared, we supported each other, we connected with some old friends and made some new friends too.

Uplifting Evening

It was a completely positive and uplifting experience that I will definitely participate in again and again.

The class costs about $40 but the therapeutic value is priceless.

As you are creating and painting, your mind is on nothing else. It’s impossible to think of other things when you are concentrating on a painting. This makes the act of painting a wonderfully fun escape from the pressures of home, life, work.

I understand why people do this as a relaxation exercise or leisure activity. I think I may have to take it up.

My picture is proudly displayed on a shelf in the garage and it totally sucked but I recommend the experience to anyone.

No Intimidation. No Inhibition.

Don’t be intimidated.  Every person there feels the same way. The experience is totally wonderful and totally worth the time and the money.

Painting for Therapy

If you are looking for a great anti-stressor or some self-therapy, I think painting is a great way to accomplish that.  No one has to see the paintings if you choose not to show them but I strongly believe that an accumulation of paintings and looking back at how they change over time, you may well learn something surprising about yourself.

Give it a go. Google search “Paint Nite”, enter your city and sign up.

You won’t regret it.

Painted Art

Fun and easy stress relief



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