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My Story

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Sheila Dawn Olson

What Brought Me Here

I work full time, so far, as a Safety Program Administrator and although I am grateful I have a job, I’m not personally satisfied or creatively challenged in my work.

I love helping people.

The plan to work every day at what I love is what has brought me here.

Training as a Life Coach, Access Bars Practitioner (to be explained in another post) and rookie Lifestyle Blogger provides much personal satisfaction.  Branching into BodyTalk (also to be explained later) is the next step in my education because I aim to help people feel the best they can feel. Pain can ruin life for many.

I’m working at my part in making the world a better place one small step at a time. I hope I can help make yours a better place too.

The secret to a wonderful life is feeling wonderful emotionally, physically, spiritually and professionally.  My aim is to help as many people as possible to achieve all of these.

Who is Sheila Dawn – So Many Hats

I have worn many hats during my working lifetime some of which include working as a Secretary, a Realtor®, a truck driver, a waitress, child care provider, Bookkeeper, a farmer,  a mother, and a wife.

I have worked as an Administrative Assistant for nearly twenty-five years with a short hiatus to attend college,  studying Cosmetology, Nail Technician, Office Administration, and Computerized Accounting.

In our last provincial election, I ran as a candidate for a Member of Parliament (MP). I figured being a politician might be the way to help people.  It really isn’t. Too much politics involved.

Owning and operating several businesses including a tanning/esthetics salon, a freelance painting company plus various home party sales businesses and currently a small cleaning company, none of which have brought the satisfaction nor the success I desire.

Too many jobs but no satisfaction. That’s why I’m here.

I’ve always loved to write and make people feel better so my sister convinced me to start a blog.  I have a lot to learn but as I learn I will share the knowledge to help others do the same.

Opening my first e-commerce store, Mailbox Mall, to sell life improving, trending products has been a fun to learn experience.

Working from home has been a life-long goal, I have tried many things but none gave me the satisfaction of helping someone else.

I Now Know My Purpose

I’ve discovered so much about myself, abundance, and how I control the creation of the life that I desire.

Learning of the bond between my conscious mind and my subconscious mind has opened a whole new dimension of existence for me.

To share this knowledge with others gives me great satisfaction. My goal and purpose are to teach others how to reach their full potential to allow them to get “unstuck” and moving forward in their lives, relationships or careers.

I’m not trying to change everyone…….only those who want to change.

I’d love to have you along on this life-changing journey.

Wishing you love and prosperity,

Sheila Dawn