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Have you ever considered the possibility of a ghost or spirits of the dearly departed living in your house?

Is it really possible? Many believe it is not only possible but likely.

More Accepted Today

In the world today it is mostly considered acceptable to believe in the paranormal, talk about having a ghost and have communications with the dead, without being labelled a lunatic.

TV has exploded with programs and movies about hauntings, ghost hunters and paranormal activities from all over the world.

People are fascinated by ghosts and are more comfortable talking about the paranormal today than ever before.

Can you tell if you have a spirit in your home?

Do you dare to know the signs?

signs of a ghost

My own home built in 1929 shows many spirits or ghost orbs.

10 Signs You May Have A Ghost

  1. Pets

    Pets possess a heightened sense to energy which greater than that of their human counterparts. If your pet suddenly stops whatever he’s doing and stares off at a corner or into another room like he heard his name called, or growls with his hair raised while looking at nothing may mean he IS looking at something or someone. Cats are more able to sense a spirit than a dog but the dog’s reaction is much more obvious. (barking, growling, crying)


  1. Babies or very young children

    Kids often attract a ghost or two into the home. Spirits love babies and are attracted by the innocence of young children.

    • If your child tells you of a new friend that you can’t see if they are talking about people you don’t think they should know.
    • If they demonstrate an unexplainable fear of a particular room or they talk about things or people they see in the house are pretty good indicators of a spirit.
    • Very young kids don’t usually make this kind of stuff up. Listen to them when they talk about the stuff going on in your home.
    • Listen to their chatter and you may get clues as to who your visitor may be. If you listen and show interest as though your child we’re talking to or about real people, they will continue to talk to you about what they see.
    • Kids will stop talking or sharing when they are afraid of retribution, or condemnation.


  1. Lights or electronics

    Spirits love to play with energy so you may notice lights or equipment that go off or on by themselves. Ghosts are energy. Their energy can interfere with all things electric. Electronics powering on and off for no apparent reason, sudden, unexplained static or a buzzing sound coming from electrical gadgets, toys and musical items will start to play when no one is near them. These types of activities could indicate a visitor from the other side.

haunted bedroom

The most active room in the house has 3 computer setups and 2 TV’s…coincidence?

  1. Sounds and noises

    Unexplained sounds and noises in the house when you know there shouldn’t be, such as the sound of the floors or stairs squeaking as though someone walked on them, doors closing, soft muffled voices or barely their music playing in another room.


  1. Shadows or dark patches

    Shadows are often referred to as “shadow people” may be seen as a glimpse in your peripheral vision and in some cases, they will look like a quickly disappearing cloud of black smoke with no explanation.


  1. Odours and scents

    Strange smells that waft into a room where they shouldn’t be and for no good reason but will often dissipate quickly. Similar to someone walking past you in the grocery store.  Odours like perfume or flowers, cigar or pipe smoke, a foul or rotten odour with no apparent source could mean you have just been visited by a ghost.

house ghosts

Sitting area outside of the boy’s room 

  1. Moods, feelings and behaviour

    Moods, feelings and behaviours of a family member may change suddenly for unknown reasons. Spirits can affect your feelings dramatically. Some bring comfort and a safe feeling, some bring deep anxiety, and some will share their dire sadness or pain. These feelings and moods will only be experienced by the family while they are in the house, but when not at home, they feel fine.


  1. Orbs of light

    Orbs or flashes of light that show up in photographs & video recordings or shadows of people or faces appearing in a photo taken in the house or on the grounds. Spirits often get caught in the shot.  Check your photos completely for anomalies. As you can see from my photos, I have some very photogenic ghosts. I have many photos of many orbs from different dates and different cameras.


ghost orbs in my house

I have so many spirits in my house and love it. This photo was taken at night.


Entryway of my ghost house

Same area on a different date and time of day. This photo was taken during the day.



ghost in my house

Ghostly orbs fill the dining room. This room was the hub of activity for our family. I guess the spirits liked it too. So many of them.

  1. Touches upon your body may be experienced. Sometimes the spirits try so hard to reach out to us they will caress, touch, hug, poke, and kiss or pull our hair. A breeze-like feeling on the back of your neck or a sudden drop in temperature in the room is also good indications of a spirit trying to communicate. Sometimes people experience scratches, bites or bruising from malevolent spirits.


  1. Things moving around your house, cupboards opening, furniture being re-positioned, and personal articles moved from one place to another without reason as well as items knocked down are a definite indicator that you have a strong-willed spirit presence in your home.

Pay attention.  You may be surprised at what you see and hear.


But….fear not.  If you don’t want your ghost, there are professional paranormal investigators that can free your home from the unwanted house guests without angering them.

Unwanted or “mean” house guests can also be removed by a Spiritual Medium who will perform a cleansing ritual in your home and also help the spirit crossover.

Most times these spirits cause no harm, no fear and provide comfort to the family members living in the house.

Spirits exist all around us but most people are not tuned to the same energy field, level or plane where spirit energy exists.

But many people are in tune so they may sense, feel, hear or even see the spirits.

I rather like my spirit houseguests.

We all live in harmony so whoever is living in my house, they can stay.

Until my husband sees one that is…..then I guess we’re moving.


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